The purpose of the Model Code of Conduct is to assist in developing and implementing uniform guidelines for appropriate behaviour for all religious and lay persons involved in ministries and other activities. The Model Code of Conduct is intended to create a structure for addressing a variety of circumstances that, if not appropriately addressed, may create a risk of incidents, allegations, claims and/or lawsuits.

The Church must be exemplary. As a local faith community of the Catholic Church, the Diocese of Calgary upholds and promotes the values expressed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the teachings and laws of the Catholic Church. This must be manifest in our own values and behaviour. The Church manifests a deep respect and concern for the well-being of all persons and upholds the fundamental goodness of all persons in God’s creation. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus all humanity is saved, lifted up and transformed. We are deeply aware of the continuing weakness of human beings and the sinfulness of humanity. Knowing that, we must take seriously and respond appropriately to any misconduct - even among our own clergy, religious, staff and volunteers. This document provides a Code of Conduct to guide our faith community in expected behaviour and to assist in responding to misconduct with charity, justice and fairness in accordance with the principles and values of the Catholic Church and the applicable Canon and Secular laws.

The primary concern of the Church and the Diocese is the well-being of all persons involved particularly the health and well-being of children, adolescents and vulnerable adults who might be victims of misconduct.

Clergy, religious, staff and volunteers should and will be held accountable for their behaviour. In order to maintain the highest level of accountability, there must be a clear and unambiguous blueprint of appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. The Model Code of Conduct provides a basic structure for identifying limits. It is intended as a “continuous improvement document.” Therefore, your suggestions and recommendations for additions and revisions are encouraged.

The Model Code of Conduct was adapted from the Model Code of Conduct developed by the National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc., Catholic Family Service, and the Code of Conduct of the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith with permission.
REVISION: MARCH 12, 2011 | Roman Catholic Bishop of Diocese of Calgary



I understand that the complete Model Code of Conduct is available to the public and is accessible on the Diocese website ( I promise to strictly follow the rules and guidelines in the Model Code of Conduct as a condition of my ministry, employment or in providing services to the Diocese, including any children and vulnerable persons of our Diocese.





Attend as scheduled and be punctual; absent myself only for good and sufficient reason, and notify the necessary person of anticipated or unforeseen absences;

Perform duties and discharge responsibilities safely, effectively, and with proper regard for time and material;

Be courteous and cooperative in my relations with other personnel and with those whom they serve; 

Conduct myself, both on and off the job, in a manner that reflects credit to my Parish/ministry/program; 

Dress appropriately; 

Demonstrate an awareness of, and respect for sexual, cultural and physical differences in my relationships with participants, other personnel and the whole parish community; 

Treat everyone with respect, loyalty, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, and consideration; 

Avoid situations where I am alone with children (under 18 years old) and/or vulnerable persons at Church activities; 

Use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition, or comparison when working with children and/or vulnerable persons; 

Refuse to accept expensive gifts from children and/or vulnerable persons or their parents without prior written approval from the pastor or administrator. 

Refrain from giving expensive gifts to children and/or vulnerable persons without prior written approval from the parents or guardian and the pastor or administrator;

Report suspected abuse to the pastor, administrator, or appropriate supervisor. I understand that failure to report suspected abuse of children (under 18 years old) to civil authorities is a provincial offence.

Abide by the Two-Adult Rule.

Cooperate fully in any investigation under this Code of Conduct.




Smoke, use or distribute tobacco products in the presence of children and/or vulnerable persons;

Use, possess, distribute or be under the influence of alcohol at any time while exercising my ministry or providing services;

Use, possess, or be under the influence of illegal drugs at any time;

Pose any health risk to children and/or vulnerable persons (i.e., no abuse, no fevers or other contagious situations);

Strike, spank, shake, or slap any person, including children and/or vulnerable persons;

Humiliate, ridicule, threaten, or degrade any person, including children and/or vulnerable persons;

Touch a child/vulnerable persons in a sexual or other inappropriate manner;

Use any discipline that frightens or humiliates children/vulnerable persons;

Carry or provide firearms; switchblade knives and knives with a blade longer than five inches; dangerous chemicals; explosives including blasting caps; chains and/or any other objects carried for the purpose of injuring or intimidating;

Use profanity in the presence of children and/or vulnerable persons;

Make any public pronouncements on potentially contentious theological or moral issues in the name of the Diocese, Parish or Program which might be constructed as having been made with authority unless I have been given that authority by the Diocese.


I understand that in working with children and/or vulnerable persons or if I have access to parish financial accounts or accounting software, I am subject to a thorough background check including criminal history.

I understand that any action inconsistent with this Code of Conduct or failure to take action mandated by this Code of Conduct may result in appropriate disciplinary action and removal from my ministry or my duties.


If you would like to read further or download documents regarding the Code of Conduct or information about the Strengthening our Parishes policies please click on this link