Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.
Romans 12:13


Moved by the spirit of St. Martha, our patron saint, we are called to be hospitable.


Hospitality is manifested in an open and welcoming spirit; a willingness to drop what we are doing and receive the other person when they need us.


This is an opportunity to greet people at the open door of the Church as they enter for Mass, making them feel immediately welcomed to our community. Then after Mass providing an occasion for all parishioners to gather and share conversations over a cup of coffee or juice.


Ministers of hospitality are expected to:

  • greet parishioners as they enter the Church before Mass
  • make and serve coffee and juice after Mass
  • clean up kitchen and gathering space

Interested in sharing your gift of hospitality?  Please phone the Parish Office at 403-381-8891.